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Automatic wet towel making Machine
(Flat type)

RF-640 function

  • From Buck Material to Packed wet Towel is Completely Automatic
    untouched by human contact.
  • Package Size can be changeable.
  • Suitable for restaurant, hotel, parties, tourist bus or train and other
    recreational centers.

product sample

product sample

Pure water filter
(Onption equipment)

 RF-640 Specification

Packing type Filling-item Packing material Packing speed Power required Main drive motor
Flat Pillow type
Air laid paper, Non-Woven
Thickness 0.025-0.035mm OPP,CPP film

0-250 bags/min

5 Kw

2Hp,220V 1O,0~60Hz
Machine Measurement Packed volume Water filter & air compressor (optional parts)
5200mmL x 750mmW x 2250mmH