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Automatic Liquid Filling /Packing Machine
(with photo control)

RF-302 application

Juice, soy sauce, meat sauce, milk, medical solution, oil liquid, shampoo salad sauce, ketchup, soy paste,  honey, jam, grease, and the other similar liquid and paste substances.

RF-301 type of sides seal

4 sides seal
4 sides seal

3 sides seal
3 sides seal

product sample
Product sample

 RF-302 Specification

Packing type Packing speed Packed volume Main drive motor Control motor Power
3 or 4 sides seal
40-120 bag/min(depending upon packing size)

1/4 Hp x 1 set

1/35 Hp x 1 set

Electric facilities Vertical heater Horizontal heater Net weight Gross weight Measurement
as required 220V ,1O
150 W x 2 pcs
250 W x 2 pcs
NW:380 Kgs
GW:450 Kgs
1785H x 800 x 550mm