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Pocket Wrapping Machine

RF-616 application

For packaging instant noodles, biscuits, bread, jelly, soaps, ice bar, bottle, hardware, tissue,...etc, and the other shape of soled products, or loaded by tray/ box/ case of any kind of products.


  • The double-circuit photoelectric control system performs precisely, ensuring the products to be of excellent quality.
  • The positioned conveying belt design guarantees stable and precise conveying under high-speed operation.
  • The strongly constructed machine lasts long and performs stably and firmly in operation.
  • Various optional facilities are available; an automatic data marker, an automatic feeding system, a gusseting device, an adjustable forming box.

Optional accessories & special versions

  • Data code, to print manufacturing date, expiry date, etc.
  • Whole stainless steel with aluminum alloy shell
  • 3 side seal of packing type.

*Descriptions and specifications are subject to changes without notice.

RF-616 type of sides seal

RF-616 3 sides seal
3sides seal

Pocket facial finish products

optional spare
Automatic card feeder
(optional spare)

 RF-616 Specification

Packing type Packing size Packing material Packing capacity Main dive motor Measurement
Pillow type

L100-120mm  W20-100mm  H5-15mm

OPP ,CPP , PET, Alum foil, lamination, etc.
1 HPx1,220V,Single phase 50-60HZ
Vertical heater Horizontal heater Net weight Gross weight
350W x 1pcs
200W x 4pcs